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InTouch Virtual Enterprise 2022

InTouch is a company that focuses on the idea that people should stay connected with their property and their loved ones. InTouch offers two products that are working as one system. Our products include a GPS tracking device that is capable of pinpointing at an extremely accurate radius. There is a need for this because nowadays people are very busy and often tend to lose things and we are eliminating this problem by providing a possibility of tracking the item that has been lost. As well as tracking items, InTouch believes that people around the world should stay connected with each other. People have lost motivation in spending time together and simply going to see each other during their free time. At InTouch we are developing a service which is a social media gaming app where you will be able to connect with your friends and interact with them. We will provide them with interactive games, prizes, and daily and weekly challenges, where friends will be able to see each other on the map. This app will work in tandem with our tracking device and you will be able to see your connected trackers on the InTouch App. The app will offer a free plan and a premium subscription based plan which will provide more features. At InTouch we believe that people around the world should connect and spend more time together, so we provide this opportunity to allow them that freedom.

Our Services
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